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Service Program

Before Service

Before Service is the continuous activity to enhance customer satisfaction.

Through the service, customers will be informed on their vehicle’s current condition and service/repair items required.

Service Offered
• Free 20 points inspection including engine, transmission, electrical devices etc.
• Discount on parts & labour if customer brings along their vehicle for service/repair according to the   recommendation stated inside the inspection check sheet.
Before Service Activities
· Service Campaign


· Public Area Visit


· Test Drive Event



Hyundai Value Drive

Hyundai Value Drive program has been launched effective 1st November 2012 with the objective to provide value added services to all Hyundai customers.

Benefits to customers
· Value added service offered by service outlets.
· Reduces maintenance cost especially when vehicle exceeds warranty period and requires more   frequent repairs or replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear.
· Prolongs life span of the vehicle by using/apply only Hyundai genuine parts.
· Entitled to 20 points inspection, free of charge by service outlets during every service.

Vouchers Details
· Price per booklet : RM150.00
· Contents : 5% – 25% discount vouchers on genuine parts, BlueChem Oil Treatment products and 25%   discount on selected parts

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